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Do you want to become a member of SKITS? Great! Click here and fill in the form. 

Interested in SKITS, but not sure yet? It is possible to come to one of our open trainingsessions. These trainingsessions are open for every student that is interested in SKITS and would like to go road cycling in summer and ice skating in winter. If you want to come to the Open Social, please mail to secretaris@SKITS.nl for the Open training moments. If you click here you can see when the open trainingsession will take place!

What is SKITS?

SKITS is the one and only ice skating, cycling and speed skating association for students in Amsterdam. It is established in 2003, after a merger between the ice skating associations of both the VU and UvA. SKITS combines sportsmanship and social activities and our 300 members enjoy cycling, speed skating and inline skating at all levels, ranging from novice to national level. Everyone is welcome!

During winter, SKITS meets at the ice rink and in summer we go cycling and inline skating in the beautiful surroundings of Amsterdam. Year round SKITS organises many activities such as tournaments, ice-skating and cycling weekends, a 10 day summer and winter trip, a hitch-hiking weekend, drinks and parties. Moreover, each week a 'Social Cycle' or ‘Social Skate’ takes place where we meet each other to eat, train and have a drink together.

Membership of SKITS includes the possibility to participate in all activities organised by SKITS and to take part in all trainings and courses of the university sport centres (USC and sport centre VU) without additional costs. Beside these sports and social activities it is possible to develop yourself by joining one of our committees or become active as trainer/coach/mentor for one of our competition teams.

Feeling excited about SKITS and would you like to meet SKITS? Join, non-committal, one of our training moments, our introduction period or catch up at the monthly drinks somewhere in Amsterdam! For more information, mail to secretaris@SKITS.nl

Are you already sure you want to become a member? Click HERE


A membership costs 65 euros each year when you are a student. If you are no longer a student anymore the membership per year costs 110 euros.  For first-year members, it is 99 euros. For first-year members, it is a little extra. This is because you will get an introduction package next to your membership! The introduction package contains:
- a year-long membership of SKITS
- participating the introduction weekend
- the one and only SKITS hoodie 
- participating or a discount on first-year activities

When you are not able to make it to the introduction weekend, no worries! We will provide that you have two free meals at a social cycle or social skate. 

If you have any questions about being a first-year member or about the membership itself or any if you have any other questions, please feel free to send an email to secretaris@skits.nl. 

Please note: it is required that any member of SKITS or participant via the VU sports centre is enrolled at any Dutch university. We need your proof of enrolment to make you a member! If you are not a student we kindly refer you to ZTIKZ, the association for former students.