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Inline skating

At SKITS we offer inline skating workouts during the summer season (and not during the winter season).


What the training will look like will be announced around the end of March. 

 When it rains the workout will be cancelled this will be posted at the wall of the website/over WhatsApp. During the workout you will learn some technique, but you will do endurance training too. 
In the winter months you can join one of our nine weekly ice skating workouts instead!

Don't have inline skates?
SKITS has some Powerslide inline skates. You can hire this inline skates for 7,50 euros a month. We can't guarantee that your size is available! So make sure you reserve your size on time. To hire skates send an e-mail to schaatsen@SKITS.nl

To participate in a workout an helmet is required. Hand, knee and elbow protection are recommended.

Questions? Send an e-mail to schaatsen@SKITS.nl