Ice skating

At SKITS we speed ice skate from the 14th of October untill the end of March. Our home during the winter is the lovely outdoor ice rink 'Jaap Edenbaan' which is situated in the Watergraafsmeer neighbourhood. 

We welcome all students, no matter what your level is, from beginner to national top-level. As an international student you have several possibilities to master ice skating (a typical Dutch sport) and discover the pleasures of gliding over smooth ice fast. 

1. Become a member of SKITS
2. Participate in the regular skatecourses for all student

Social Skate
The Social Skate is the moment of the week where all SKITSers come together, every Monday.
We start at 19:30 with dinner at Café JAAP at the Jaap Eden Ice rink, 20:30 warming-up, 21:00 training and around 22:00 we finish the day at Café JAAP with chocolate milk and/or beer.
You can sign up for dinner through this website (Leden -> Inschrijven voor activiteiten). Make sure to do so before Sunday 20:00 hours. Dinner is 6,50 euro. SKITS will pay the entrance fee for you that night if you are a member!

Besides the Social Skate there are a several other workouts during the week which you can always join: 






16:30 - 17:40*

17:40 - 19:00

21:00 - 22:00




Kees' consultation hour


Social Skate!


22:10 - 23:10




8.00 - 9.00

19.40 - 20.45**

Mid - High



KNSB license training


16:30 - 18:00***

Low-Mid (-High)



08:00 - 09:00***

Low-Mid (-High)



12.00 - 13.15



25 minutes before the mentioned times, a warmup session starts. This takes place next to the rink, and contains a lot of technical instructions. So make sure that you bring good shoes and that you are on time for this warming up.
*You may sign up for this training at the trainer via, this is appreciated however not compulsory
**KNSB license training. Level high. For this training, you must purchase a special subscription to participate.
***Special beginner course. Registering is not required

- Low: No experience
- Medium: Some experience/ good condition, or much experience/ no condition.
- High: Lots of experience and an excellent condition

Each workout begins with instructions/warming-up beside the ice rink, so please bring sneakers. Gloves are mandatory to wear during skating, a hat is recommended. SKITS has helmets and are provided for free! The workouts will be canceled (only) during (thunder)storms, this will be announced via the site and the Facebook group.

Don’t have any skates of your own?
Are you completely new to the sport and/or don’t have any skates yourself? No problem!
SKITS has excellent skates available which you can borrow!! (free of charge)

Summer courses / Inline speed skating
During the summer months when the ice rink is closed, SKITS still offers speed skating related workouts. In addition to the cycling workouts, SKITS has a weekly off the ice training ('dry training') and inline speed skate training.

For more information on the training courses: please e-mail or call trainer Kees de Vrij:; +316 21275720
All other ice skating/inline speed skating related questions can be asked by sending an e-mail to:

Please note: it is required that any member of SKITS or participant via the VU sports centre is enrolled at any Dutch university. If you are not a student we kindly refer you to ZTIKZ, the association for former students


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