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At SKITS we cycle the whole year! 


We welcome all students, no matter what your level is, from beginner to national top-level. As an international student you have several possibilities to master your cyling skills during trainings and discover the pleasures of beautiful Amsterdam and its surroundings. 

To participate in the training you have several possibilities. First of all, you can become a member of SKITS. Then you are allowed to participate in any training you would like, including the Social Cycle! 

We also offer 6-ride card. You can buy this card if you are a student and would like to try cycling. The card costs 20 euros. For more information and to buy one you can find right here

Lastly, we offer a membership for half a season. This means that you can train with us until the summer vacation. This type of membership costs 45 euros. More information and to buy the membership you can find right here. 

Social Cycle 

The main (social) training of the week takes place on Monday evening. The training starts at 6:00 pm from the Riekermolen. The Social Cycle training is open to cyclists of all levels. Bear in mind, that you need to have some kind of experience with cycling in groups. 

After 1,5 hour we will return to Sportcentrum VU, this is where the Social ends at the sportscenter of the VU University where we'll have a nice meal together. You can sign up for dinner through this website (Leden -> inschrijven voor activiteiten). Make sure to do so before Sunday 17.00. 

If you need to lend a bike please send kees@skits.nl an email.


SKITS offers 5 workouts a week, on set times and days, which you can always join as a SKITS member. All workouts are open to cyclists of all levels.
If you have never cycled before in that case it is better if you come during one of our beginnerssessions (discribed in the cycling part of the website). If you like to participate at the trainig, please send an email to trainer Kees: Kees@SKITS.nl

The training schedule:

Day Time Training Level Location

Deadline to subscribe

Monday 16.30 - 17.45h Beginners course Beginners level Sportcentrum VU Monday 15:00
Monday 18.00 - 19.30h Social CYCLE (only SKITS members) Experienced level Sportcentrum VU Sunday 17:00
Wednesday 19:00-20:30h Fitness Everyone USC Universum  
Thursday 18.00 - 19.30h Cycling Training (Interval & Technique) Experienced level


Thursday 15:00
Friday 9.00 - 10.15h Beginners course Beginners level Sportcentrum VU

Thursday 23:59

Saturday 10:00 - 13:00h Endurance ride Experienced level Flevoparkbad

Beginners courses

If you don't have a lot of experience with road cycling or find it scary to cycle in a large group, SKITS offers multiple beginners courses intended for the real beginners. Both SKITS members and non SKITS members can participate in these.

In a small group you'll learn all the basic skills of cycling: How to ride in a group, cornering techniques, using the right gear, proper cycling form, anticipating other traffic, et cetera.

We offer two beginners courses per week, one on monday afternoon and the other one on friday morning.

-Monday 16:30-17:45 SVU

-Friday 9:00-10:15 USC

Would you like to participate? Please sign up by sending an email to trainer Kees: Kees@SKITS.nl. 

The beginners courses are primarily intended for beginners, however, a few more skilled cyclist are allowed to participate.

Regular Trainings

If you have some experience with road cycling and you feel comfortable riding in a group, SKITS offers multiple trainings intended experienced cyclists. Both SKITS members and non SKITS members (but of course, students!) can participate in these.

On Thurday, we offer an interval training to push yourself to the limits and add some technical aspects to it. We start at 18:00 at the Flevoparkbad and will be back around 19:30.

On Saturday, we offer an endurance ride to increase your basic level. We start at 10:00 at the Flevoparkbad and will be back around 13:00.

Don't have a road bike of your own?

It's possible to lent a bike for a workout, please contact trainer Kees to reserve one (mail to Kees@SKITS.nl or call/text to 06-21275720).

Do you have any other questions about cycling at SKITS? 

Contact our cycling commissioner by emailing at bestuur@skits.nl