Open Week

Are you thinking about becoming a SKITS-member? Do you want to participate in one of our courses?  Do you want to experience how nice SKITS is? All of this is possible during the SKITS Open Week. From 6 till 12 september all SKITS activities are open accesseble. 

Ons scedule
- 6 september: Open drytraining > an iceskating training on land (19:00 at USC)
- 7 september: Open party (21:00 at Genootschap der Geneugten)
- 10 september: Open cycling  150km (10:00, sign in by sending an email to
- 11 september: Open Social Cycle (18:30 cycling and 20:30 eating,  sign up on the website)
- 12 september: Open skating training (19:00 at Diemerpark)

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