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Membership cancellation form A.S.S.W.S.V. SKITS

By signing this form, the undersigned declares membership in the A.S.S.W.S.V. SKITS for the upcoming season. The final cancellation date is May 31. At the same time, he or she can become a member of Old-SKITS via this form by making a donation.


Why Old-SKITS?

To ensure that beautiful SKITS memories are not lost, Old-SKITS was created. This is the former member database that includes all former members of SKITS. All Old-SKITSers have the opportunity to support the association financially. With the help of this contribution, for example, the trainer plan, the SKITS loan bicycle plan and various other future plans are realized. In this way, the growth of SKITS is supported, to provide the younger generations of SKITSers with an equally unforgettable time. Using the well-known forum terminology of Low Skate (€25), High Skate (€50), Clap Skate (€75) and SKITS Legend (+€150), Old-SKITSers can choose what their contribution will be. This amount can be adjusted annually on the website itself. You can also choose to receive the FLITS.

What do I get in return?

As a Old-SKITSer you will receive a special newsletter four times a year. In addition, a reunion day with closing drinks will be organized annually. Furthermore, as a Old-SKITS member you also have access to the SKITS website. On the website you can change your contact details if necessary and you can also (we cannot imagine) unsubscribe from the newsletter.

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